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OR Gate

January 26, 2013

Our OR gate:

  1. Nothing asserted, output is 0
  2. 1 input asserted, output is 1
  3. 1 input asserted, output is 1
  4. Both inputs asserted, output is 1

Photo Jan 26, 2 51 56 PM Photo Jan 26, 2 52 09 PM Photo Jan 26, 2 52 40 PM Photo Jan 26, 2 53 57 PM


From → Gates 1.0

  1. I like your design, especially the AND gate! But the springs and elastic bands, the force might build up on large scale circuits (of course it is beautiful for presentation and individual gates like here). You know you can use a lever-like mechanism to reset? (like a one-way AND gate, but to reset the OR gate)

    • Thank you for your feedback.

      You point to an interesting problem with mechanical logic gates. In electrical circuits each element has a restoring force (think transistor connected to power), but in the mechanical gates all power comes from the user’s input. Currently our gates can only handle a circuit with a depth of about 5 at most because of friction and the lack of restoring force.

      Our choice for springs/rubber bands was to introduce some sort of restoring force, even if in only one direction. This isn’t optimal. Your idea of the lever reset would be a good one going forward. It would require a redesign as I believe the idea works best with gears. Gears would allow the gates to be more compact then the current push/pull rods. Something akin to your idea has been implemented with LEGO gates:

  2. stilgar permalink

    Very interesting idea! I was looking for something like this – I’m building models from Lego Technic sets and I wanted to create a system, where turning on any of the pneumatic elements would mechanically turn on the air pump. So, I typed “mechanical logic or gate” and found this site.
    This design is so simple! Thanks!

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